About Accela

For nearly 20 years, Accela has been an industry leader in designing and delivering government software to improve efficiency, increase citizen engagement and enable the development of thriving communities. Today, citizens are savvy to how services should be delivered, and expect a consistently convenient, openly transparent view into their local government.



Our Partnership With Accela Brings you Results in Five Areas


Business Licensing

Cloud-based, Accela Business Licensing is a simple solution for licensing, inspection, and renewal.

  • Deliver outstanding customer service
  • Increase agency revenues
  • Flexibility, and community development
  • Built-in citizen engagement.


Building and Permitting

Automate all aspects of the building permit process by moving online. You will notice an immediately improved developer and agency productivity, while also finding it easier than ever to manage public funds and leverage citizen satisfaction.

  • Using Accela Citizen Access portal and Accela Mobile, you can conduct permit processing in the Cloud
  • Transform workflow through electronic document review, online reporting, GIS integration, and platform-wide APIs, SKDs, and open data.


Cannabis Regulation

Remove the pressure from ensuring cannabis regulation is done quickly and cost-effective by automating every nuance of the regulation process. Accela’s Cannabis Regulation software allows you to stay on top of emerging regulations and make a data-driven decision, reducing public record requests and phone calls by integrating with external systems and a citizen access portal.

  • Accela Citizen Access portal and Accela Mobile
  • Real time updates and minute-to-minute data


Environmental Health

Using Accela’s pre-built solution, you will automate the application submission, plan review, inspection, and permit issuance process for health departments, cutting processing timelines and improving constituent satisfaction. Designed with industry best practices and rapid implementation in mind.

  • Civic Application for Environmental Health can be run in the Cloud or on your premises as it digitizes workflow functions so facility operators can increase transparency and keep up-to-date with the status of their applications or permits.
  • Agency staff can automatically assign tasks for completion, and inspectors can do their job 100% in the field, with off-line mobile capabilities and GIS integration.


Land Management

Reduce manual and labor-intensive paperwork of plan reviews to quickly develop and grow more livable communities. Planners can easily share plan and code data with building departments, law enforcement, public works, and other agency or department personnel to dramatically improve accuracy, speed, and security when sharing information.

  • Accela Citizen Access portal and Accela Mobile
  • Available in the cloud or on premises


With Accela, our Clients Enjoy:

  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Increased agency revenue.
  • Reduced costs with an increase in community development.
  • Flexibility across all license types such as police, health, and ABC.
  • Built-in citizen engagement enabling license to submit license renewals and update address information.
  • A robust workflow engine.
  • Easy-to-use search and data access.


Speak to a VIP expert today to dive deeper into our public works solutions. From commercial to government sectors, our partnership with Accela has our clients transforming their problems into proactive solutions across the nation.


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