Agile Development

VIP’s approach mitigates risk through a project’s lifecycle by employing a combination of industry experience, specialized expertise, and methodology tailored to satisfy project-specific requirements. Our Agile/Scrum system integration process is verified and repeatable and incorporates our award-winning Jira toolset.

Balancing operational optimization with systematic implementation through an agile approach

Our systematic and repeatable system integration process, coupled with our time-tested delivery methodologies ensure we successfully deploy applications that meet your performance expectations.

Aligning business, technology, people and process first

By linking expected business results to the technology investments and people needed to help get you there, we define what your organization pragmatically needs.

Providing a flexible yet disciplined methodology to make it happen

We establish a rigorous project management process and an operational framework that works in your environment and can be as agile as you are able to be. One that you can shape, modify and adapt over time to align with what works best.

Implementing small with success early and often

Through continuous releases, we work together to pivot and adjust based on what we learn. All to create the momentum you expect.