VIP has over two decades of experience in providing system integration, implementation, organizational change management (OCM) and project management services for a variety of complex projects for government agencies and commercial organizations.

Achieve Innovation  

VIP uses its expertise to analyze customer business needs and select the best-fit, innovative software solutions. Selected products are configured to meet business requirements using an agile, rapid development approach that allows for iterative configuration and deployment.

Deliver Fast Results

VIP combines industry expertise, specialized experience, and a proven methodology tailored to achieve superior implementation results. Our systematic approach to providing implementation services consistently aligns with the best practices of agile based implementation methodology.

VIPDeliver and VIPManage are proven, robust and flexible methodologies based on decades of experience and lessons learned, tailored for government and commercial projects, to help maximize project success and deliver measurable results.


VIPDeliver has five (5) stages and includes overarching project management to assure that everyone adheres to deadlines and stays within budget. We also provides guidelines on how to work collaboratively to identify and mitigate project risks and ways to address issues that arise during an engagement.