VIP aligns strategy to execution with its comprehensive suite of advisory services that includes strategic planning, independent project oversight, independent verification & validation, portfolio and project management, IT governance definition and business process re-engineering. Navigating through organizational change initiatives can be complicated and challenging. VIP helps its customers achieve success by providing advisory services that proactively eliminate traditional hurdles associated with IT project complexities.

Organizations rely on VIP to provide advisory services that combine strategy, people and processes to help automate and optimize results, to strengthen business operating models and to ultimately achieve customer success.


VIP’s Advisory Services

  • Advise customer executives on how to define and implement strategic modernization roadmaps that transform enterprise IT and business service delivery
  • Define, formulate, implement, train and measure portfolio and project management processes and procedures
  • Deliver and collaborate to provide comprehensive independent project oversight consulting (IPOC) and independent verification and validation (IV&V) services
  • Gather, improve, track and implement requirements, business process reengineering, workflow and operational improvement services
  • Assess, design and implement technical architecture services that align with organizational strategic direction and industry best practices
  • Establish quality management and testing services that evolves and scales with your business based on your organization’s challenges, goals and performance
  • Define, develop, implement and maintain Agile and waterfall development services across all project levels
  • Provide strategic staffing services across all IT related domains and disciplines


Becoming Trusted Advisors

To drive innovation, to develop great managers of people, and to accelerate growth, organizations need a strategic advisory partner that is embedded into the foundation of the agency’s or company’s culture and strategy.

VIP works in collaboration with its customers to understand organizational goals and success factors. VIP’s advisory services help customers increase performance, expand capabilities of staff to facilitate career growth, and ultimately achieve predefined business outcomes and objectives.

Speak to a VIP expert today about our Advisory Services aimed at helping you successfully navigate through complex organizational changes and government modernization imperatives.