Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP) works closely with strategic technology providers to deliver critical solutions and solve the most complex problems of leading corporate clients, including large and mid-sized organizations spanning across a variety of different industries. Today’s businesses are facing tighter budgets and heightened scrutiny of purchasing decisions than ever before, companies must continue to invest in their technology infrastructure.


Technology Investment Drivers

Worldwide information technology spending priorities are shifting under changing conditions. However, the ongoing need to upgrade outdated IT infrastructure continues to be the largest driver of increased investment. Annually, companies are typically budgeting more funds in order to:

  • Address technology end of life
  • Drive new revenue streams
  • Enhance business processes
  • Improve the client experience
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Protect against growing security threats
  • Support ongoing upgrades / refresh cycles
  • Manage changing business needs

Trillion Dollars

*Gartner May, 2020

The amount of money Gartner expects will be spent on IT products and services this year.*

As organizations initiate transformational change, they require exceptional consulting and project management capabilities to achieve success.

VIP has a strong history of delivering systems integration, organizational change management, thought leadership, and quality assurance services via complex and high value project engagements. Companies in retail, healthcare, financial services and other vertical markets across North America rely on VIP to solve business problems and deliver successful projects using the right mix of experienced staff, proven processes and superior technology.

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