VIP and SmartBear Software held a comprehensive, four-part webinar series on Agile/DevOps Transformation. The collaboration included a comprehensive demonstration of a fully integrated end-to-end enterprise solution leveraging the SmartBear Software and Agile/DevOps best practices.

The series gave insights into the collaborative development and testing process, showcasing SmartBear's capabilities central to achieving success in a DevOps Transformation. Some of the items covered included:

• Cross-discipline team collaboration
• Manual/automated testing
• Automated test management
• Regression suite integration with the CI/CD pipeline

Click a link below to view a webinar onDemand and discover how SmartBear can help you move faster on a transformative journey toward continuous delivery.

Session #1:  Planning

Cross-discipline team collaboration leveraging SmartBear’s SwaggerHub, CucumberStudio, Zephyr, and Jira.

Session #2:  Testing (Part A)

Shift-Left, in-Sprint activities, including manual/automated testing, leveraging SmartBear’s TestComplete, CrossBrowserTesting, and CucumberStudio.

Session #3: Testing (Part B)

Shift-Left, in-Sprint activities, including automated test management, API testing, and service virtualization, leveraging SmartBear’s SoapUI Pro, LoadUI Pro, ServiceV/VirtServer, and Zephyr Enterprise.

Session #4 : Integration & Reporting

Regression suite integration with the CI/CD pipeline leveraging Jenkins, Jira and SmartBear’s Zephyr and CrossBrowserTesting.