In 2017 Oklahoma issued a solicitation for a web based licensing/permit software system to support high quality, secure, accessible and customizable data collection and reporting to support potentially 50 professional licensing agencies across the State of Oklahoma.

VIP worked with our Licensing software partner, Accela to respond to this solicitation and was awarded a contract for a base year and 9 optional years.

Key Aspects of the Contract

VIP’s Contract with OMES has pre-negotiated terms and conditions which allows Participating Agencies to leverage a Statement of Work (SOW) to bring on VIP (reselling Accela Software) to implement the Online Licensing Solution.

SOW Scope (including Services and Software Costs) will be negotiated on a case by case basis depending on the scope of each engagement.

Key Benefits of the Accela Solution

Intelligent routing of license applications

Configurable workflows automatically route license applications to the appropriate review queue based on agency-defined criteria. Simple renewals may receive automatic approval while new applications or those selected for audit receive higher levels of review.

Self-serve licensee portal

Occupational license holders have convenient online access to submit an initial application, attach required documentation, renew an existing license, and pay licensing fees online. Agency staff can communicate with licensees or request additional documentation be submitted.

Verification of education credentials

Accela Occupational Licensing can interface with continuing education providers to automatically retrieve credentials and validate licensees have satisfied continuing education requirements.

Unique workflows and license types

Create unique workflows based on board requirements for each occupational license type. The license issue, renewal, verification, and payments can all be customized based on requirements specific to each licensed profession or licensed level within a profession.

Learn more about how to utilize the OMES contract to solve your organization’s licensing needs and bring added benefit and tools to the people of Oklahoma


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